14K Yellow Gold Austro-Hungarian Wilhelm Haarstrick St. George & the Dragon Vest Chain/Fob Pendant


This vest chain is an extraordinary example of goldwork from this period. The utmost care went into the tiniest details on everything from the dragon's feet holding the amethyst to the face of St. George.

It is no wonder such care was taken with this piece as the maker, Wilhelm Haarstruck, was the court jeweler of the Hapsburg royal family. He also displayed his craft at the 1873 Vienna World's Fair. While traditionally this piece would've been worn with a pocket watch in a gentleman's vest pocket, it makes a gorgeous statement pendant necklace.

Maker: Wilhelm Haarstrick 

Era: 1870s

Materials: 14K Yellow Gold. This piece appears much higher karat because a chemical process called blooming was used to bring the pure gold to the surface. This process was only used for a brief period of time because it was extremely toxic and only master jewelers attempted it (and survived).

Gemstones: 30-carat oval center amethyst; two (2) 5-carat square-cut amethysts

Measurements: 5.5" total length; St. George and dragon figure 1.75"

Weight: 42.4 grams

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